And The Stars, And the Earth


Our family was sworn to serve, and had been since the angels walked the earth. That was the line they fed us, and for a long time, we believed it. It was easy to believe in the glory of the houses of the Kingdom of Air then; we were young, and did not know that the fine halls we walked were echoing empty, the colorful silks were cleverly refashioned to hide their frays and patches, and the grand feasts were cooked with food taken from others’ mouths.

We knew no such need, for they found us to be of use. For some time, I thought that I had been honored with a more respectable path; Ari labored with the birds and hounds, while I frequented ballrooms and greeted ambassadors. To my credit, I had learned my role before I was slipped a vial of viscous clear liquid and told to ensure a rival lord did not appear at the conclave to select the new Lord of the Sky. All the houses had their spies and agents.

Trained as such for as long as I have memories, I am not in the habit of detailing my exploits. A written account could be used as evidence against me or my liege. Although I have as many doubts as I have ever had, I am marked for death. Perhaps it is now time to leave some record of what I have done. By my best figuring, I have twelve moons left. Some small part of my actions brought down the Lord of the Sky. The only way I’ll see that twelfth moon is to raise up the King Under the Mountain.



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