Here’s the deal.

If you want to be king, and I mean king king, not some tin-plated asshole with a mercenary company an a penchant for golden headwear, there’s only one way to get there. Back in the really old days, there weren’t even palaces. Didn’t need ’em. The Temples were all you needed.

There’s a Great Temple in every realm, every where, and every last one of them is chock full of horrors, demons, monsters, undead, abominations, pissed-off mothers-in-law, you fucking name it. And until you can stand triumphant before the altars and declare the Temple purified, nobody is going to give the short end of a burnt loaf what you call yourself. No Temple, No Kingdom. That’s the deal.

Hey, it’s always been this way.

The Old Kingdoms

The Great Temples




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