Realm of Water

Terrain: Coastal and Archipelago

Climate: Mediterranean

Description: Before the Fall, the Grand Principality of the Angel Water was organized as a confederation of merchant republic cities ruled by an elective monarch, the Grand Prince. These various city states were organized around a vast circular bay, Nanshe’s Pool, and on the various islands within and just outside the bay. This bay served as the focus point for a number of the other realms (Order, Sun, Earth, and Wrath) which abutted it, and so this was a very cosmopolitan and wealthy part of Annuntia. With the coming apart of the order of things, however, the cities have fallen to bickering warfare, and the Serene Palace at Avalon lies empty, waiting for a new ruler to restore prosperity to the waves.

More information: Dekapolis

Temple: The Temple of Aquus is said to lie somewhere in the Sea of Storms, far to the south, on (or, according to some accounts, under) a mysterious island. Some say the island can only be found once every year-and-a-day. Others say it is forever shrouded in mist, patrolled by harpies and sirens. Still other say the island moves. What is known is that the Temple of the Angel Water was one of the first to be lost, and its fate has passed from history to legend in the mists of troubled time.

Further Information: Catriona and Kiri took a contract from a wealthy Water merchant to find a relic that (Cat claimed) would give him a claim to the vacant Coral Throne. Sucker.

Realm of Water

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